The Buy-to-Let Mortgage Bounce Back

buy to let mortgage

The early part of 2022 is showing all the signs of a buy-to-let resurgence, with the number of landlord purchases at their highest level since 2016. Liquid Expat Mortgages explains why UK expat and foreign national investors need to take note of this trend, what the future of UK buy-to-let might look like, and why…

Investing for Capital Growth as a UK Expat or Foreign National

investing for capital growth

Investing in a property using a UK expat or foreign national mortgage for its capital growth potential is a great investment strategy, especially if it’s for a specific purpose such as saving for retirement or for your children’s inheritance. Why Invest for Capital Growth? Treating investing in UK property as a long-term savings vehicle is…

2022 Trend Predictions in the UK Expat and Foreign National Mortgage Market

2022 trend predictions uk

With 2022 already well underway, we predict three trends from the 2021 housing market that are set to continue through 2022. Trend Prediction Number 1 – The North Will Remain a Hot Area. ‘This really isn’t a difficult prediction to make’ says Stuart Marshall, CEO of Liquid Expat Mortgages. ‘However, I’m always surprised by the…

International Purchases Have Slowed for UK Property. But UK Expat and Foreign National Investors Shouldn’t Be Scared.


With falling numbers of international buyers for UK investment property, we examine the false picture that the London market is causing.

UK Expat Buy-to-Let Investors Look North

UK Expat Buy-to-Let Investors Look North

Buy-to-let UK property has long been seen as a lucrative investment, often used to provide an inheritance for the investor’s children, as a pension alternative, or as an ancillary form of income. Buy-to-let investors are looking North. And UK expat buy-to-let investors need to be looking North too! There’s also been a clear growth in…

Rental Market Predictions for UK Expat and Foreign National Investors in the Rest of 2021

Rental Market Predictions for UK Expat and Foreign National Investors in the Rest of 2021

The rental market has remained tumultuous throughout the pandemic. Here are our rental market predictions for UK expats in the rest of 2021.