Weak Pound Encouraging Overseas Investors to Buy UK Property

weak pound overseas investors

Economic and political turbulence has continually contributed to a weaker pound in recent times. When the mini-budget tanked the pound to record lows against the dollar, overseas buyers again began circling UK property in increasing numbers. And though the turbulence seems to be stabilising somewhat, international buyers are still keen to purchase UK property. Here’s…

International Buyers Undeterred by the UK Housing Market

international buyers uk property

International Buyers Making a Resurgence in the UK Property Market. The numbers of international buyers are surging in the UK property market. Much of this upturn in the numbers of foreign national and UK expat buyers is to do with the economic downturn in the UK as the pound continues to suffer and the Bank…

International Purchases Have Slowed for UK Property. But UK Expat and Foreign National Investors Shouldn’t Be Scared.


With falling numbers of international buyers for UK investment property, we examine the false picture that the London market is causing.

Liquid Expat Mortgages’ September Q&A

Liquid Expat Mortgages’ September Q&A

A Fall in International Buyers. Q: I’m a foreign national who has been looking to purchase property in the UK for a while now. However, I’m hearing that foreign nationals buying in the UK aren’t as common anymore. Is there a good reason for this? I’ve thought that maybe the 2% foreign buyer surcharge might…