Enjoy the benefits of remortgaging a UK home to fund a UAE property purchase

Cost Efficiency: Remortgaging in the UK may provide access to cheaper finance options compared to those available in the UAE. Interest rates on mortgages in the UK may be lower, resulting in reduced monthly payments and overall financing costs. Additionally, UK lenders may offer more competitive terms and conditions, such as lower fees and longer repayment periods, further enhancing cost-effectiveness.

Tailored Financing: Leveraging the equity in your UK property allows you to access larger loan amounts, thereby maximising your purchasing power in the UAE property market. This can help bridge any affordability gaps and increase your chances of securing the property you desire. Our expertise allows us to address any shortfalls in affordability and can help maximise loan opportunities in the UAE. Our solutions are designed to optimise your specific needs, ensuring you secure the maximum loan available.

Currency Advantage: Remortgaging in the UK enables you to take advantage of favourable foreign exchange rates. By converting your equity into the local UAE currency at a favourable rate, you can potentially increase your purchasing power and minimise currency risks associated with offshore financing. Our experience and knowledge can help you at the outset of your UAE purchase. We can help ensure that you make the most of currency fluctuations and help to minimise currency risks providing you with a competitive advantage when looking to purchase your home in the UAE.

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UK Property Remortgaging for UAE Property Purchase

Interest Rate Security: Take advantage of fixed interest rates available in the UK, providing stability and predictability in your mortgage payments. By locking in favourable interest rates, you can safeguard your mortgage payments shielding you from fluctuations in interest rates, ensuring consistent monthly payments throughout the mortgage term. Additionally, potential penalties associated with early repayment of mortgages in the UK may be more favourable compared to those in the UAE, offering increased flexibility when it comes to choosing your UAE property. This stability can be particularly beneficial for long-term financial planning and budgeting.

Access to Equity: Homeowners who have built up equity in their UK property can tap into this asset by remortgaging. This allows them to leverage the value they have accumulated in their home to secure funds for purchasing property abroad without needing to liquidate other assets or savings.

Flexibility and Convenience: Remortgaging your UK property offers a streamlined and convenient financing option which is familiar to many homeowners. You can avoid the complexities and potential legal barriers associated with securing financing in a foreign country and by working with established uk lenders it’s possible to navigate the remortgage process in a language and regulatory environment they are accustomed to. This helps simplify the financing process and reduces the potential for misunderstandings or complications.

Diversification of Investment Portfolio: For Investors investing in property in the UAE allows investors to diversify their investment portfolio geographically. By spreading their investments across different markets, investors can reduce risk and potentially enhance returns. Remortgaging their UK property to fund this diversification allows investors to achieve this without needing to allocate additional capital from other sources.

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Overall, remortgaging a UK property to fund the purchase of a property in the UAE can be financially advantageous and a practical solution for Expats looking to purchase a UAE home, providing access to cost-effective financing options, maximising loan opportunities, and mitigating currency and interest rate risks.

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Unlock Your UK Property's Potential Remortgage to purchase a UAE property
Unlock Your UK Property's Potential Remortgage to purchase a UAE property

Liquid Expat Mortgages Reviews

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Ellen Stokes
Ellen Stokes
We came back to the UK in July 2022 after almost 20 years abroad and discovered that, as an "expat", borrowing for a new home is very difficult. Liquid Expat made it possible and we have just moved into our new home. They are specialists in the field and we would recommend them to all expats needing a mortgage.
Tania Tulen
Tania Tulen
Excellent communication and great service. Explained the process every step of the way and were always responsive by email and whatsapp. Thank you!
David Hasdell (Wingaroo)
David Hasdell (Wingaroo)
Great process from start to finish - from knowledge of the market and carefully tailoring products to suit our needs, and then super-efficient assistance right through the whole application process.
Jonathan LH
Jonathan LH
Liquid Expat are superb. They were fast, professional and went the extra mile to help us secure our mortgage. And I had a TRICKY case for them (British citizen living in Zambia and purchasing in the UK) bit they managed to get it solved. Total rock stars, all of them
Catherine Chan
Catherine Chan
Thank you so much to Rebecca and Fatgiya. They are absolutely professional in guiding me throughout the whole application. It was super struggle to answer thousands of questions from the lender but Fatgiyi help me solve them one by one. They definitely deserve a 5 stars!
Tracie Harrington Hodges
Tracie Harrington Hodges
After an initially shakey experience with a staff member who subsequently left Jae came in like a super hero and helped me to get this deal done. I have been having an immense amount of trouble with my own legal representation (!!!!) and Jae has been the guiding light.
Matt Jones
Matt Jones
We're really pleased with the service provided by Liquid Expat - right from the first conversation through to completion - every step has been managed really professionally and the team have helped us through the process. Thanks to Claire and Liam especially for all your support - I have no hesitation in recommending their services.
Sikar Chan
Sikar Chan
Liquid Expat helped a lot in providing mortgage service and guidance throughout the process. Their response time to my email is super fast! I will use their service again and recommend to my friends and family. Excellent!

Liquid Expat Mortgages Testimonials

Hear from some of our clients about their experience with Liquid Expat Mortgages.

­ As a UK expat residing in Dubai, I was keen on investing in property back in the UK while also securing a place to call home in the UAE. I didn’t know you could remortgage a UK property from Dubai but the team at Liquid Expat Mortgages helped me understand the process and without jargon. They helped me refinance my UK property, unlocking equity that I then used to purchase a stunning apartment in Dubai Marina. Their expertise, knowledge and support helped make the process as painless as possible, and now I’m enjoying the best of both worlds.

Sarah T. / UK Expat living in Dubai

­ Being a Spanish national with a property in Manchester, I was exploring options to diversify my investment portfolio by acquiring real estate in the UAE. Liquid Expat Mortgages facilitated the refinancing of my UK property. Thanks to their assistance, I was able to make a down payment/deposit on an off-plan property in downtown Dubai, which completed in November 23 and is giving me good returns. Their personalised approach to my specific approach and their ability to match me with the right lender were instrumental in achieving my investment goals.

M. G. / Spanish National with a UK Property

­ As an Italian national with a property in Luton, I was contemplating investing in real estate in Abu Dhabi as I worked for a legal firm and was looking at options that did not entail paying high amounts of rent without any chance of seeing any capital returns. Liquid Expat Mortgages assisted me in refinancing my UK property. With their guidance, I was able to secure a stylish apartment in Al Reem Island which is a natural island which is well located for work and a social life. If ever I choose to move back to the UK- or elsewhere- the breathtaking sea views, access and location will offer me strong rental yields. Their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction exceeded my expectations, and I’m thrilled with the outcome.

Marina G. / Italian National with a UK Property

­ Owning a property in London, I was eager to explore investment opportunities in my home country, the UAE. Liquid Expat Mortgages played a pivotal role in enabling me to leverage the equity in my UK property to acquire a townhouse in prime Business Bay, as it was a stylish area still attracting professionals who want to live and work in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as there is easy access. Their in-depth knowledge of remortgage products and the UAE market in general allowed them to tailor a financial solution which made my investment wish a reality. I highly recommend their services to fellow UAE residents looking to expand their property portfolios.

A. S. / UAE Resident & UK Property Owner