Offset Mortgage Calculator

Use our free online offset mortgage calculator to see how your savings could reduce your expat mortgage term or monthly payments.

For example, a £150,000 mortgage with £30,000 savings means you would only pay interest on £120,000. When you are done, please consider contacting us for a free expat mortgage quote.

Free Offset Mortgage Calculator

See how Offset Mortgages allow you to use your savings so you only pay interest on the difference between your savings and the money you owe.

For example, a £150,000 mortgage with £30,000 savings means you would only pay interest on £120,000.

Calculate your offset mortgage for free

Simply enter your mortgage amount, mortgage term, interest rate and total savings balance to calculate how much you could save with an offset mortgage.

Why get an offset mortgage?

• Use your savings to reduce your interest payments
• Withdraw your savings at any point to make other investments e.g. purchase a new property, refurbish an existing property
• Reduce the number of years on your mortgage
• Pay less interest over time

Please note: The information here is for illustration purposes only and is not a precise calculation. For a more accurate calculation or for more information on offset mortgages, please contact Liquid Expat Mortgages.

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