Private Bank Mortgages for Expats, Landlords & Investors

With the help of our experienced expat mortgage specialists, we can help identify the private bank best suited to your requirements and situation. Over the past couple of decades, we have built long-lasting relationships with a selection of private banks and lenders – giving our clients access to products that are not widely available. Our partner private lenders will consider every application on its individual merits, providing a more bespoke and personalised service.

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Our team of experienced expat mortgage specialists can simplify the process of finding and securing a private bank mortgage for a property in the UK – without you even needing to set foot in the country.

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What are the benefits of a Private Bank Mortgage?

In our experience private banks can offer low mortgage interest rates as well as personalised mortgages. Often our private banks include a tailored underwriting service so that they can act quickly and avoid unnecessary delays and ensure the customer can obtain a mortgage efficiently and effectively. In essence private banks offer tailored private mortgage solutions to high-net-worth customers.

Private bank mortgages for UK expats and non-UK residents aren’t solely about low interest rates. Whilst it’s well known that many private banks can offer private mortgages with genuinely low interest rates there is also the aspect of a personalised service with quick and efficient outcomes so customers can achieve their objectives with the minimum of fuss.

No complications

Even if your financial situation is complicated and your income streams are complex and inconsistent, our team will take the time to partner you with the perfect private lender. Whether you are looking to purchase a new primary address or invest in a high-yield property, our experienced team can help you secure the mortgage product best suited to your situation.

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Our Private Bank Mortgage Broker Services

  • Personal lending solutions from £1 million+
  • High loan to value private bank mortgages
  • Specialists in Private bank mortgages solutions for foreign nationals, expats, and non-UK residents
  • Liquid Expat Mortgages have great experience in complex income and wealth scenarios
  • Conversant with Solutions for complex ownership structures (onshore and offshore trusts, limited companies, foundations, funds and more)
  • Access to a wide range of private banks comfortable with lending against UK real estate
  • Independent, experienced, and responsive service
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High Value Expat Mortgages
Private Bank Mortgages

How Liquid Expat Mortgages can help

We have helped many clients with private bank mortgages over the years. We’ve cut through the mystery and process to directly arrange market-leading private mortgages for our clients. This has been as a result of our many years’ experience in this field and the relationships we have built up with private lenders.

Our team of experienced expat mortgage specialists can simplify the process of finding and securing a private bank mortgage for a property in the UK – without you even needing to set foot in the country.

Our team can assist with the following private Bank Mortgages:

  • High Value Buy-to-Let Mortgages & Remortgages
  • High Value Residential Mortgages & Remortgages
  • Million Pound Plus Mortgages
  • Large Interest-Only Mortgages
  • Releasing Equity from High Value Properties
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We can help you through the whole Expat Mortgage Application Process

Liquid Expat Mortgages with its experienced and qualified team of mortgage brokers can support you through the whole UK expat mortgage application process.

By working with you we can help minimise the disruption and contain costs when it comes to supplying the correct paperwork and identity requirements.

Save time and stress

  • We can work with the lender to present your case better and ensure an underwriter doesn’t make assumptions based on the fact you live and work abroad.
  • We will be able to talk you through the process on how best to present your mortgage application.
  • We can help you secure a more favourable rate when exchanging money across borders.

As a completely independent team of expat mortgage specialists – we have no obligations other than ensuring you receive the best and most valuable service from our team.

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Private Bank Mortgage Case Studies

Learn how our team at Liquid Expat Mortgages has helped expats and foreign nationals living overseas secure Private Bank Mortgages despite facing difficult or complex circumstances.

Case Study – Private Bank Mortgage for a UK Expat Entrepreneur

Read this great case study on how Liquid Expat Mortgages helped a British Expat in Australia to secure a private bank mortgage for a property in London....

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Case Study – High Value Buy-To-Let Mortgage For Swiss Nationals

Read this great case study on how Liquid Expat Mortgages helped Swiss Nationals to secure a high value buy-to-let mortgage for a property in London....

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Case Study – High Value Residential Mortgage for Indian National Resident in Dubai

Read this great case study on how Liquid Expat Mortgages helped an Indian national resident in Dubai to secure a high value residential mortgage for a property in London....

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Liquid Expat is your Specialist Expat Mortgage Broker

Liquid Expat Mortgages has been providing expat mortgages since 2007. Our many years of experience and relationships built up with lenders means that we can find the very best mortgage for your needs.

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Liquid Expat Mortgages Testimonials

Hear from some of our clients about their experience with Liquid Expat Mortgages.

HMO Mortgages for Expats testimonial

­ I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the superb service and support I have received from Liquid Expat Mortgages in organising my mortgage in the UK. I fully expected to have had to return to the UK at some point to sort this out. I did not which justified your fee in itself!

C.G. / UK Expat living in Saudi Arabia
HMO Mortgages for Expats testimonial

­ I just wanted to drop you a message to let you know of my recent very positive experience with Liquid Expat Mortgages as I have recently acquired a mortgage and completed on a property in Manchester. It’s reassuring to have people you can rely on to help and give advice on what to do next.

R.L. / UK Expat living in Dubai
HMO Mortgages for Expats testimonial

­ Thanks to Liquid Expat Mortgages for assisting us in getting our mortgage all sorted. We will definitely be using you again and recommending you to other expats. Everything went smoothly and you helped and kept us in the loop through-out. We have no problem recommending your services.

C.J. / Foreign National in Hong Kong
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Liquid Expat Mortgages Reviews

Read reviews left by our clients on Google.

Based on 168 reviews
Catherine Chan
Catherine Chan
Thank you so much to Rebecca and Fatgiya. They are absolutely professional in guiding me throughout the whole application. It was super struggle to answer thousands of questions from the lender but Fatgiyi help me solve them one by one. They definitely deserve a 5 stars!
Tracie Harrington Hodges
Tracie Harrington Hodges
After an initially shakey experience with a staff member who subsequently left Jae came in like a super hero and helped me to get this deal done. I have been having an immense amount of trouble with my own legal representation (!!!!) and Jae has been the guiding light.
Matt Jones
Matt Jones
We're really pleased with the service provided by Liquid Expat - right from the first conversation through to completion - every step has been managed really professionally and the team have helped us through the process. Thanks to Claire and Liam especially for all your support - I have no hesitation in recommending their services.
Sikar Chan
Sikar Chan
Liquid Expat helped a lot in providing mortgage service and guidance throughout the process. Their response time to my email is super fast! I will use their service again and recommend to my friends and family. Excellent!
Martin Scudder
Martin Scudder
We had just recently returned back to the UK from New Zealand and faced a number of challenges buying a property back in the UK. Claire provided excellent guidance and assistance in arranging our mortgage, minimising the hassle and bureaucracy and got us a really good deal, particularly against the current economic climate. We also faced a number of challenges when our house purchase didn't materialise and waived the additional fee which was a great help financially. I would go through Liquid Expat Mortgages and again when the time comes to re-arranging our next mortgage and would very much recommend them. Thanks to both Claire and Liam.
Andrew Schildbach
Andrew Schildbach
Had great help from the team (Claire, Liam & Co) at Liquid Expat who have been able to secure the offer after the bank had suspended all new mortgages. During the application process the team was always accessible on short notice on multiple occasions to assist and push the process along. Thank you Liquid Expat!
James Varley
James Varley
Always a pleasure to deal with Liam, Claire and the team. A great option for British expats.

Your guide to expat mortgages

As a specialist expat mortgage broker based in the United Kingdom, we can guide you through even the most complex overseas UK mortgage or remortgage process.

With over a decade of experience, we can quickly assess your case and then immediately place you with the most suitable lender and the best possible terms to suit your personal circumstances.

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