Complaints manager details

Name: Stuart Marshall
Telephone: +44 (0) 161 761 4771
Address: Suite 4b, Link 665 Business Centre, Todd Hall Road, Rossendale, BB4 5HU, United Kingdom.

Our Procedures

As a regulated firm we have prescribed complaints procedures that we must follow in the event that a complaint is made from an eligible complainant. We have taken the decision to deploy the same procedure for all clients regardless of their status; however, some larger concerns will not be eligible to use the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

Speedy resolution

If you have a complaint, we will make every effort to resolve this for you immediately. Where we have done this within three working days to your satisfaction, we are not obliged to implement our full complaints procedure.

Speedy resolution may be achieved by any staff member in our advising, customer service, compliance, administration, or accounts department where they have the authority to do so.

We will still write to you following speedy resolution and include details of what you can do if you become dissatisfied in future.

Full complaints procedure

Any complaint that cannot be resolved within three business days to your satisfaction whether verbal or written will be referred to our Complaints Manager at the earliest opportunity or to a member of the senior management if the Complaints Manager is unavailable. We will also

  1. Acknowledge the complaint in writing to you promptly.
  2. Give you details of the Financial Ombudsman Service –
  3. We may contact you to seek clarification on any points where necessary.
  4. Fully investigate your complaint.
  5. Keep you informed of our progress, when you can expect our final response and confirm the reason for any delay.
  6. We may discuss with you our findings and proposed response.

We will send you our final response in writing as soon as possible and not later than eight weeks from our initial acknowledgement letter unless there are circumstances preventing this, which we will tell you about.

Who to complain to?

You may express dissatisfaction to us about an insurer, lender, or other service provider. We will need to establish whether your complaint relates to our services or the service or performance of another provider. If this is unclear, this will not delay any investigation and we will proceed with our own investigation immediately. The Complaints Manager will review this matter and take the complaint to the provider, if appropriate, in consultation with you.


The Complaints Manager will establish the nature and scope of your complaint having due regards to the Financial Conduct Authority’s direction:

  • To deal with complaints promptly and fairly.
  • Give complainants clear replies and, where appropriate, fair redress.

Eligible Complainants

It is the firm’s policy to treat all complainants the same, however, eligible complainants are legally defined and have additional rights in law that we must acknowledge and adhere to. If there is a dispute as to eligibility, then the Financial Ombudsman Service will adjudicate.

Eligible complainants are policyholders or those with potential entitlement to claim under a policy that are:

  • Private Individuals
  • Small to medium sized businesses
  • Some Charities & Trusts

The Financial Conduct Authority complaints rules apply to complaints made by, or on behalf of an eligible complainant; relating to regulated activity; and involving an allegation that the complainant has suffered, or may suffer, financial loss, material distress or material inconvenience;

Final response

This will set out clearly our decision and the reasons for it. Where compensation is offered, we will provide you with a clear calculation and explanation of how we have arrived at the compensatory amount offered. You will be given details of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

You will have six months from the date of our final response to refer your complaint to the FOS if you are dissatisfied with our final response. If you wait until after this time the

FOS may only consider your complaint in what they consider to be exceptional circumstances.

Closing a complaint

Where we receive confirmation from you that you are satisfied with the findings of the investigation and any resolution, the complaint will be considered closed.

Where no confirmation has been received from you within 8 weeks of the firm’s most recent letter, the complaint may also be considered closed.

Financial Ombudsman Service

A firm must co-operate fully with the Ombudsman in resolving any complaints made against it and agrees to be bound by any awards made by the Ombudsman. You may approach the FOS at any time before or during the complaints process although they will only start to act on your complaint after we have issued our final response or if we give the FOS permission to do so.

The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR

The Financial Ombudsman Service is our alternative dispute resolution provider and more information about the Ombudsman service can be found on this website.