Brexit Leads to Buy-To-Let Deals For Expats

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Brexit has been talked about a lot, but rarely with relation to the available buy-to-let mortgage deals for expats. With the UK set to leave the EU on the 31stof January, it’s important to consider how this might affect you as an expat. While scaremongering about the potential effects of Brexit on pensions and taxation dominate the headlines, there are also many positives.

Buy-to-let deals for expats.

For one, the potential uncertainty from Brexit could lead to plenty of good deals for expats in the buy-to-let market. On the face of it, the UK housing market looks good. But, looking at the market on a longer timeline tells a different story. Between the referendum and September 2019, the rate of price increases in the UK housing market has been much slower. Between that time, price rises have fallen from 8.2% to only 1.3%. This shows that growth rates have been seriously halted as a result of Brexit uncertainty.

And, depending on the nature of the UK’s departure from the EU on January 31st, the housing market could continue to be affected. But what does this mean for expats and why might this be good news? For one, expats are not affected by the same economic uncertainty that UK residents are. So, resulting purchases might work out cheaper as expats are paid in non-sterling currencies that have appreciated by comparison.

As well as a slower rate of growth in the housing market leading to better deals for expats, a lack of domestic confidence is also beneficial. A lack of trust in politicians and a loss of buyer confidence has meant that potential domestic buyers in the housing market have dwindled, with many scared to commit amid the turbulence. And, prices continue to be halted as a result of this reduction in housing market activity.

Using an expert Mortgage Broker.

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