Case Study – HMO Remortgage

HMO mortgage

HMO Remortgage Case Study

Here you can see a great example of how Liquid Expat Mortgages helped an expat in Bahrain attain the best HMO remortgage solution for their property in the UK.


House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)

Capital Raised


The Scenario

The client came to us as an expat in Bahrain wanting to remortgage a property he was converting into a HMO while getting all requisite licenses in place. The property was worth £860k but the client needing £600k to pay off the existing mortgage and to get further funds to finish the renovations to both the HMO and his property abroad.

Our Solution

We found a great lender with low rates and cashback incentives available at the time. The client was under intense pressure from his builders who had downed their tools until they received their funds. The solicitors were also dragging their feet, so we stepped in to satisfy the conditions of the offer from our side. We also constantly chased the solicitors to get the process completed as quickly as possible.

The Result

We managed to get hold of the top manager with the selected lender in order fast track the application. We continued to liaise with the completions team to get the completion actioned ahead of their usual turnaround times.

The Client’s Testimonial

“I am now at the completion stages of a remortgage and am compelled to commend the excellent service I have received from Joe M. He received my inquiry to remortgage when I started the process and from the beginning made me feel very confident that I was in safe hands with Liquid Expat; as mortgages and remortgages can be complex for ex-pats like myself. He acted very quickly to establish that my case was feasible and I could see no reason to try and find a comparable or better company to deal with. I was staggered that he got me a Decision in principal within a couple of days.

My file was passed to Nicole H. who then thoroughly checked to ensure all the documents were in place before sending them to the lenders and she also acted very professionally. But Joe went above and beyond and when the process became more involved, he once again took over. He responds immediately to each query email and is very reassuring and has always put me at ease when I have shown concern. He has definitely gone above and beyond by liaising fully with the recommended firm of Solicitors and the Lender. Even after the mortgage offer was made and the final payment was made to Liquid Expat; at which point I fully expected to have deal solely with the solicitors, Joe has continued to be fully involved and highly proactive at rapidly diffusing any issues. He has even advised that he will be available to me after the mortgage has been completed and I know that this is a genuine statement which is very reassuring.

Joe should be considered as an extremely valuable asset to Liquid Expat as he fully demonstrates the impeccable professional standards that I expect as a client, but so rarely find these days in my business dealings. Well done Expat for finding such an extraordinary young man. I would suggest that he be looked after and definitely reviewed for some sort of bonus or promotion.

Because of the impressive services offered by Joe, I would have no hesitation in recommending Liquid Expat to others and will definitely be using your services again in the future, but may have to insist that Joe handles my case!”

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