Case Study – UK Expat Takes Advantage Of Top Slicing

UK Expat Takes Advantage Of Top Slicing

Interest Cover Ratio (ICR) & Top Slicing Case Study

This is a great case study on how Liquid Expat Mortgages helped a UK expat purchase a new investment property using Top Slicing.

The scenario.
Ms. S Turner was a UK expat residing in the USA for over 6 years. She’d decided to transfer back to UK and was looking to purchase a new investment property in Bristol to complement her existing residential property in the same city. The rental income from the property she wanted did not have sufficient rental income to meet traditional lenders’ minimum ICR requirements.

Here’s how it worked.
By working with one of our specialist lenders Liquid Expat Mortgages adopted a “top slicing” approach to presenting our client’s situation. We were able to take into account Ms. Turner’s savings and other investments, which helped us achieve the minimum threshold required for the correct loan amount.

Interest Cover Ratio (ICR) & Top Slicing Solutions

Interest Cover Ratio (ICR) and Top Slicing are crucial for landlords and lenders alike as they ensure affordability, mitigate financial risk, meet lender requirements, and provide flexibility in volatile Buy To Let (BTL) mortgage market conditions.

If you would like to understand how ICR and Top Slicing can increase your maximum borrowing amount, please contact Liquid Expat Mortgages, and let us assist you with your Buy-to-Let Mortgage options.

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