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Liquid Expat is proud to announce its nominated charity for 2017 is Goal 50

Founded in 2010, the charity was initially set up to assist a South African football academy in achieving its goal of purchasing/building a small orphanage in Cape Town. Since then the charity’s mission is to deliver football academies and feeding programmes, that provide Cape Town’s street children with an opportunity to develop the necessary skills to move forward in life, away from a gangster lifestyle.

As the orphanage project expanded, so did the capability of the charity with feeding programmes providing meals to some of the most impoverished suburbs of Cape Town. As well as sponsoring sports coachglobal communityes who deliver programmes to the city’s youths. These programmes help to give Cape Town’s young people a sense of belonging and hope, providing an option other than becoming part of a gang.

“After visiting Cape Town and seeing first-hand the poverty across the city, it was an eye-opening experience. To see children living with hope and happiness with less than half the opportunities of children at home was a truly humbling experience”, said Stuart Marshall, Liquid Expat MD.

Following that experience, Stuart continued to make trips out to South Africa, contributing to feeding programmes and coach sponsorships. Upon, one of his most recent visits, he spent some time at a football academy: “Seeing the kids playing football without the flashy trainers and seeing the positive impact on their lives because of the sports academy is overwhelming. As a global business, we believe in positively impacting the communities we operate within and for this reason, Goal 50 is Liquid Expat’s first nominated charity” added Stuart.

So far, a donation of £1000 has been made to sponsor a football team, including the provision of football kits and an 1800 meal feeding programme. Fund raising efforts will continue throughout the year as the business looks to aid the Heideveld project, seeing the delivery of an orphanage and feeding programmes with a core focus to keep youths away from gangs.

Find out more about Goal50 and see how you can help tackle poverty and pitch in.