Why Expats Should Consider a UK Mortgage.

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Reasons for expats to invest in UK property.

One of the most common reasons that expats opt for a UK mortgage is that investment in property is a reasonably safe way to save for your retirement and is a pretty effective pension-planning tool.

However, there are many other reasons expats should consider taking out a UK mortgage. For one, a buy-to-let mortgage allows you to have a steady income through rentals. This is supplementary to your primary source of income. In taking out a UK mortgage, expats also secure a home in the event that they return to the UK. Furthermore, many expats consider buying a UK property as a student purchase so that their child does not fall victim to the high rents charged to students. This also affords their child a secure base whilst at university or in higher education.

Stuart Marshall, founder and Managing Director of Liquid Expat Mortgages states that “As an expat, there has never been a better time to take out a mortgage on a UK property. Banks have become far more flexible in offering buy-to-let and residential mortgages to expats. As well as this, we’re currently enjoying the lowest loan to value requirements and the lowest interest rates in years. All of these factors only improves the numerous attractive investment opportunities currently available in the UK. Such current favourable market conditions are ideal for Expats to get a foothold on the UK property ladder or boost their existing portfolio.”

Where to invest?

Many expats often ask where in the UK they should invest. “In our experience,” states Stuart “many expats returning to the UK relocate to where they grew up or want to retire. However, a good number of expats tend to buy where there is a boom. At the moment, a number of cities in the UK are showing unprecedented demand and subsequent growth. I understand it can be confusing, and perhaps daunting, for expats looking to invest in a UK property. Even when you think you’ve found the right property or location, your initial reasons for buying can change and evolve over the years as lives and circumstances develop. In fact many Expats need to look for an all rounder or ‘do-all’ property. And, when you take into account the all-round qualities of a destination, one of the best locations is Manchester”.

Think about Manchester as a spot for investment.

Whilst the obvious destination for many expat investors might be London, investing in property in the capital can be costly and competitive. And, over the last few years, returns have slowly been eroded. Manchester is the second most populated city in the UK. It houses many foreign companies as well as nearly half of the top 500 businesses in the Northwest of England.

As well as this, it is home to a number of educational institutions. For example, the University of Manchester, which draws in students from all over the world. Manchester currently has a student population of 100,000. And, thanks to great professional opportunities, Manchester holds the highest level graduate retention in the UK (70%). The constant flow of talented graduates requiring accommodation means Manchester consistently delivers strong returns for owners of buy-to-let properties. In fact, it has outperformed many leading European cities over the last three years, including London!

Manchester has received a number of frequent game changing investments recently, such as Manchester Airport’s current £1bn transformation. One look at the Manchester skyline shows a city that has no intention of stopping as international developers continue to plough investment into the city whilst many international companies covering a wide range of financial, professional & scientific sectors, wholesale & retail, health & social work, IT and Media are coveting the bright, young professionals Manchester has to offer.

For expats returning to the UK, Manchester also holds promise as a place to live as its vibrant and ever growing scene of restaurants, bars and concert venues, it is increasingly becoming a desirable place to live and visit. As testament to this, Manchester has recently overtaken Edinburgh as the UK’s most visited tourist spot outside of London. All of these attributes make Manchester a great choice for any expat looking for an investment.

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