It’s A Great Time To Be An Expat First Time Buyer

Expat First Time Buyer

First Time Buyers – It’s Not as Bad as It Seems.

Despite what you may have heard about the difficulty of being a first-time buyer, the first-time buyer market is currently soaring. In fact, first time buyers have been one of the few market constants over recent years. And this shows no sign of stopping. In August 2019, there were 35,010 new first-time buyer mortgages completed – the highest monthly total since August 2007. Conditions are currently favourable for many first-time buyers. There is the perfect storm of favourable mortgage rates, lessened competition from landlords and high-employment rates. As well as this, market uncertainty from Brexit means that first time buyers are eager to capitalise on the current market conditions, in case the market takes a downturn in the near future.

And the story for expat first time buyers is even better…

Expat First Time Buyers.

Because of the fall of the pound, it is now cheaper for international buyers to purchase a UK property. To take one example, for a buyer purchasing in US Dollars, the average home in the UK cost £53,065 (23%) less than it would have done in 2014. Narrowing this down further, the effect of the pound’s depreciation becomes even clearer. When buying a property in London, the average property would cost £107,030 less than it did in 2014.

What does this mean for expats looking to invest? Well, for one, the weaker pound means that expat investors have to save less of a deposit because they’ll get more for their money. And, the mortgage repayments are also cheaper because the mortgage on the property is paid in sterling. The 4% rise in the percentage of homes let in the UK by overseas landlords between 2018 and 2019 reflects these beneficial effects for expat property owners.

As a first-time buyer however, the investment opportunities are even more attractive. Due to a legislation change in November 2017, first-time buyers in the UK are now exempt from Stamp Duty on properties up to £300,000. First-time buyers are only required to pay 5% Stamp Duty if purchasing a property over this amount. This means that if you’re an expat who is looking to buy their first property as part of an investment portfolio, the UK is a very attractive option.


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