Sharia Compliant Ethical Mortgage FOR EXPATS

An ethical mortgage is different to a traditional mortgage in that the bank will buy the property for you and sell it back at a slightly higher price. This allows customers to get around the rules of interest while still being able to obtain finance to buy a home.

Ethical mortgages are becoming increasingly popular amongst UK expats and foreign nationals, as an affordable, Sharia-compliant alternative to the structure of traditional property mortgage finance.

We have relationships with lenders who offer buy to let and UK regulated purchase plans in place of conventional and traditional mortgages, based on the principles of co-ownership and leasing.

Ethical Mortgage

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A flexible, fair way to finance your property investment, an ethical mortgage involves going into partnership with your lender on a co-ownership basis. So rather than repaying your home loan with ‘interest’ as with a conventional mortgage, you effectively acquire the lender’s share through monthly instalments or a lump sum payment at a later date.

These Sharia-compliant mortgages are popular in the Muslim community, as they follow Islamic finance principles. However, they are growing in popularity amongst British expats and foreign nationals worldwide, as a more cost-effective, ethical way to finance your property purchase or refinance an existing UK property.

Financing your investment

The type of finance plan you choose will depend on your personal preferences and available funds.

A rent only plan is the equivalent of an ‘interest only’ mortgage, meaning you would simply pay a lump sum when the finance term came to an end. Alternatively, you could combine your rent and acquisition payments on a monthly basis, the equivalent of a capital & repayment mortgage, to gradually reach a point where you own the property outright.

Our specialist mortgage brokers can help you determine the most suitable payment structure for your financial situation and goals.

When you identify an investment option, we will negotiate the best possible rates from your lender if you decide to go ahead.

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Our expat-centric approach means we can source insurance products for your specific requirements as an expatriate.

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